Friday, 10 October 2014

The great tat vs. treasure debate

This is the first time we have been on holiday with a child old enough to have her own pocket money, and also a say in how it is spent.  This thrust M and I into what became known as "the great tat vs. treasure debate", i.e. should we stand by and let F spend her money on whatever takes her fancy, regardless of how low-grade it is and thus how quickly it will fall to pieces.  Obviously we would steer her away from anything truly crappy or dangerous, but other than that we decided to pretty much give her free reign over her own euros.  Which is how we ended up spending time pawing through a box of loom band bracelets at the local market looking for two that F liked for 1€.  You can buy a million loom bands for £1 at home, yet F opted to spend some of her money on a couple of bracelets that are already perishing.  Thus proving that this adults tat is her 3 year old's treasure.

Also, in case it's of interest, we stayed at the most wonderful property in Brittany called L'Esprit de Campagne.  The gite has a fully enclosed (thus child-proof) and heated private pool, all the baby paraphernalia that a parent could possibly require, swings / slide etc, large gardens, and a full range of UK satellite TV channels.  The owners were also extremely helpful & provide a welcome pack with bread, milk, butter, tea & coffee to get you started.  We've had the most restful holiday ever, and couldn't recommend this place highly enough:

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