Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Guilt, the great motivator

It's been a very eventful week.  D has just started at nursery, and in an effort to assuage my guilt, I have hit the haberdashery and sewing machine with a vengeance. 
I should point out that D is an unbelievably contented and unflappable baby, and seems to have brought these traits to bear in his approach to nursery, namely fixing me with a look that says "are you still here?" at drop-off times, but that doesn't stop me feeling like crap for leaving him there.
My husband and I have been over the justification behind putting D in nursery until he (hubbie) is blue in the face, and could probably recite the conversation in his sleep, namely:
  1. It's an excellent nursery
  2. F came on in leaps and bounds when surrounded by children of the same age, and we would hope for the same for D
  3. I need some freedom and time to figure out what I'm going to do going forward.
But the devil on my shoulder keeps murmuring "You don't even have a job to go to, so why are you offloading your child!   You're just being LAZY....." and so on.

In an effort to stave off my paranoia that subconsciously all I want to do is sit on the sofa with a box of Milk Tray and watch Jeremy Kyle, I've really gotten down to business with my Christmas projects.  This week, I have taught myself applique, learned that I really can sew something other than straight lines, and as a result completed F & D's pajama eaters (which for those of us born in the 70's is a new-fangled term for a pajama case).  The results are below, and once again I have outperformed my own expectations.

I'd love to know what you think!


  1. I *adore* those pyjama eaters! Absolutely brilliant. Hope you're proud of the results. As a 30-something I would still be delighted with one of those as a gift.

  2. They are just marvellous! You really are very very clever x

  3. Thanks guys! I'm working my way up to a rather challenging blanket :D