Saturday, 27 September 2014

Disdain is sometimes the name of the game.

In our house, it's a running joke that Mike the Knight is a "massive wally" because he needs to rectify some kind of self-inflicted cock-up in every episode. This assertion is the cause of much mirth and occasionally, should the mood take her, some glaring from my 3 yr old daughter F. This morning was in the latter camp. I was told in no uncertain terms: "Mummy. Mike the Knight is not a massive wally. If you keep saying that, I'll tell my nursery teachers and they will tell you off". Clearly even 3yr olds are not above the occasional act of flagrant bribery.

In other news, I made a taggie for my 9 mth old son D this week. Give him any toy, and he just wants to run the tag through his fingers, hence why I hit Pinterest and found a tutorial ( to make him something I thought he might like. After a trip to the shop where F and I carefully chose fabric and ribbons followed by a couple of hours in front of the sewing machine, I lovingly gave the taggie to D, who promptly threw it over his shoulder and picked up a rattle instead. Ingrate!


  1. Not unlike Postman Pat I find who is also a bit of a wally. I like the taggie and thanks for the link. Very interesting and something I might try myself

  2. Thanks Groomed! Although beware, despite stitching around the thing three times, destructo-baby still managed to detach a ribbon within two days. I ask you!!